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Brow Lamination Kit 4 in 1

Brow Lamination Kit 4 in 1

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  • Before use, please test whether your skin is allergic. Applying the mixture behind ear for 24h. If you don’t have allergic skin, you can use this kit with confidence.
  • We can apply Skin Lotion or Vaseline or Mint Cream, which can be applied in advance to prevent your skin from being stained and reduce irritation around the eyes and brows.
  • We do suggest that you control the Perm time within 3-5 minutes for the first using and try to avoid the skin area as much as possible, it will still have an effect, but the effect maybe be weaker. The perm time is longer, the effect is better. You can follow the Perm time(10-15min) stated in the manual in the next use.


  • Before use, please test whether your skin is allergic. Applying the mixture behind ear for 24h. If you are unsure, you can mail us and we will help you.
  • Make sure eyes are closed all the time, and no lash lift and tint lotion will get into your eyes or eyelids. This could avoid eye irritation.
  • Want more curl? Try using smallest lift pad and extending the time you leave the lotions on the lashes. But NEVER leave lotions on longer than stated in the instruction to avoid over processing the hair.

How do you get the pad to stick to your eyelids?

  1. We recommend doing lash lift and coloring by lying down, or friends can also help each other.
  2. Apply#5 GLUE on the back of lift pad and wait for 20-50 seconds, then adhere the lift pad onto the upper eyelid and press evenly slightly, make sure it is stayed. Next, Apply#5 GLUE on the top of the lift pad and use the Y-brush to push the lashes gently up and and on to the lift pad, until they're fixed one by one neatly and firmly.
  3. -The sizes of the lift pads refer to your lash length, not your eye size. It's easier to line the center of the pad with your lash line first and then the ends.



Lash Lift and Brow Lamination are very low maintenance procedure, however there is a little extra care required.

  1. Do the lash/brow daily aftercare every day with #3 Nourish lotion, it can help you keep the lash/brow shape in volume shape for over 8 weeks.
  2. Be gentle with your lashes, no rubbing.
  3. Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hrs.
  4. Do not use harsh products on your eyes/lashes.

  • 【Visible Results at Once】: New Version great fuller starter kit for eyelash lift and eyebrow lamination, lift your lash into a glossy volume and longer looking. You could see different at once. Creating supermodel feathery brows and lashes has never been easier. Try it and you will fall in love it!
  • 【Advanced Lash/Eyebrow Lift and Lamination 4 in 1】: One lash lift kit and one lash coloration kit together ,full kit with all tools need for eyelash lifting and black color. The eyebrow and lash colored are good at Eyebrow & Lash & Temples & Hair & Beard. This kit has more value then the others on the market.
  • 【High-quality for Safe and Reliable Results】: The high-quality new ingredients have a gentle formula, low irritation and hypoallergenic. It specially designed to be gentle on your skin and eyes. So it is also more safe for anyone with sensitive skin. However, a skin test is recommended.
  • 【Great Fuller Starter Kit for eyelash & brow lift and coloration】- Full eyelash lift form the perfect curl and make the brows fuller, thicker & darker, make your eyes look bigger and more spiritual. Keep the effect for 10-14 weeks. And our advanced formula is water resistant and long lasting. Your brows will look like the first day for 14 weeks.
  • 【1 Kit Provides 15–18 Applications】- With multiple uses per box, you can curl your friends' lashes or have up to a year of treatments for your own. Suitable for home or salon use. Very perfect as gifts for your girlfriend, friends, or family. We're confident that our product will be the best solution for you. But if for some reason you don't, simply notify us and we shall provide FULL REFUND or REPLACEMENT within 24 hours. No risk for you.
Color Lash & Brow Lamination and Color Kit-Pro
Finish Type Glossy
Coverage Full
Item Form Liquid
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