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Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine - Portable Automatic Cosmetic Brushes Cleaner Spinner Make up Brush Cleanser Tools for All Size Beauty Makeup Brush Set Gift for Women Wife Friend

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine - Portable Automatic Cosmetic Brushes Cleaner Spinner Make up Brush Cleanser Tools for All Size Beauty Makeup Brush Set Gift for Women Wife Friend

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Upgrade New Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner for All Size Beauty Makeup Brushes Set

make up brush cleaner cleanser

PABTID spinning makeup brush cleaner is a must have for all you makeup lovers!!! You will like how simple it is and how fast it works.

1.Get Rid of Mess Hand Cleaning: With this electric makeup brush cleaner machine, you don't need to clean makeup brushes with hands.

2.Elegant Top Quality: New design, sonic low-vibration, deep and gentle cleaning, easily peel off dirt without damaging the makeup brush.

3.Perform Gentle on Brush Bristles: Healthier and more beautiful skin by electric make up brush cleaner.

4.USB Charging Brush Cleaner: One button control on/off easy to operate and carry

5.Deeply Cleaning and Health Skin: Achieve 98% cleanliness, keeping your skin happy and healthy daily

6.electric and manual available modes: You can choose the automatic mode to clean multiple brushes at the same time, or the hand-held cleaning mode to clean

7.Fit most market brushes: Beauty Blender Cleaner Machine for All Size/Type Brushes

makeup brush cleaner machine

The package comes with an extra beauty brush silicone wash pad!

makeup brushes cleaner

How to use makeup brush cleaner machine:

1.Add appropriate amount of waterand drop in cleaning solution.

2.The make-up brush is inserted intothe chuck loaded into the main unitand the cleaning begins.

3.Rinse off the cleaning solution and dry the brushes after cleaning.

4.Storage and dust protection.

How to use makeup brush cleaner mat:

pour some cleaning solution on the cleaning mat, gently move your brush on the cleaning mat, then rinse the brush off.

make up brush clean machine

Package included:

1*electric makeup brush cleaner machine

1*silicone makeup brush cleaner mat

1*USB charging cable

1*user manual

beauty blender cleaner machine

makeup brush cleanser

make up brush cleaner

Deep Clean Your Beauty Cosmetics Brushes

It effectively and efficiently removes cosmetic, dirt, oil and other impurities, on makeup brushes. In addition, it helps makeup brushes stay clean, soft, nice and long-lasting.

High power & use 5V2A adapter

Warm tip: Please use a 5V2A power adapter, otherwise the cleaning machine may not work due to low voltage!

Take Care of Your Brushes & Skin

Only a few minutes, electric makeup brush cleaner achieve 98% cleanliness, which thoroughly improve your makeup experience and skin health.

electric makeup brush cleaner

Gifts for Daughter Girlfriend Women Mom Wife

makeup brush cleaner
  • 💖【High Quality Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner】 PABTID Makeup brush washing machine is made of premium materials for long lasting service, precision, and safety. Use our automatic make up brush cleaner cleanser your brushes to 98% for better performance applying makeup.
  • 💙【Electric & Manual Available】 Makeup brush cleaner machine using improved design, unlike other styles just could clean 1 brush at one time. PABTID large capacity makeup brush cleaner can clean multiple makeup brushes at once. Don't worry about having too many makeup brushes and wasting time cleaning them one after another.Also,The make up brush cleaner comes with a handheld cleaning silicone makeup brush cleaning pad for hard-to-clean brushes.
  • 💛【USB Powered & Easy to Use】No more hand-scrubbing your makeup brushes over the sink - Brush automatic spinner cleaner with USB plug-and-play charging cable,more environmentally friendly and convenient.One button control on/off easy to operate. You just need to pour in the right amount of water and cleaning solution, press button start work, just a minute later rinse with water then you will get new brushes. Noet: Don't add water more than the maximum fill line. Please use a 5V 2A adapter.
  • 💚【Fit almost all size brushes】This makeup brushes cleaner can cleaning various brushes. From very skinny lip brushes to thick face powder brushes. The 7000rpm/min speed ensures that cosmetic residues on the makeup brushes are fully rubbed and cleaned without damaging brushes shape and softness. After cleaning,Cosmetic brush cleaner top silicone catch can be positive insert for dust storage and reverse insert for keep drying.
  • 🎁【Portable Size & Gift Choices】🎁The automatic makeup tools cleaner size is 3.5 x 3.5 x 6.2 inches, a small size, easy to carry and use. Suit for professional makeup artists, and makeup lovers use. The product comes in a colored box package, the birthday present, holiday gift, or anniversary gift for family and friends.
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